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Make Your Gift to Establish The Coach Jerry Gatto Baseball Fund

Update: We are thrilled to announce that together we have reached our first milestone and reached our $50,000 goal to allow us to formally establish the Jerry Gatto Baseball Endowment Fund. As a multi-era team, we raised over $50K in less than 120 days. With just over 73 individual donors to date it shows the impact of L&C Baseball and Coach Gatto on so many. Thank you for honoring Coach Gatto and supporting L&C Baseball by achieving this first milestone. We have created great momentum, with lots more to do, so let's keep it going!


To honor Coach Jerry Gatto's 22 years (1980-2002) of leading L&C Baseball we are establishing The Jerry Gatto Baseball Fund.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by December 31, 2015. The use of these funds will go directly to help cover the cost of L&C Baseball needs, such as, field improvements, enhancements for team travel, additional recruiting support, and much more.

There is something special about Lewis & Clark Baseball. It goes beyond wins and losses to a shared connection of past, present and future. It’s a unified belief in ones self, a belief in your teammates, a belief that something good will happen to you, and a belief through hard work success is possible.

This is our opportunity to come together as “one team” across many different eras to celebrate and thank Coach Gatto by investing in L&C Baseball.

Jerry Gatto Baseball Endowment Committee
Bill Allen, 1998-2002
Monica Baker, Associate Athletic Director, Current
Matt Bolte, 1984-1988
Bob D’Aboy, 1981-1984
Matt Daily, 1994 -1996
Michael Dunn, 1981-1983
Jeff Erdman, 1977-1981
Tom Flynn, Head Baseball Coach, Current
Steve Gatto, 1987-1991
Ryan Goff, LC SID, Current
Joel Johnson, 1984-1988
Dusty Johnson, Passionate Supporter of Coach Gatto
Dan Jones, 1978-1982
Shana Levine, AD, Current
Doug Nichols, 1986-1990
Scott Russell, 1986-1990
Jake Smith, 1990-1993

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