Happy Monday, Students!

With finals and commencement coming so soon, I know how busy and stressed you will be feeling, and how relieved you’ll be when this academic year ends. I want to start my message the way I often end these messages: by thanking you for taking care of yourselves and each other.

On the COVID front: Especially with commencement season upon us, and a well-earned eagerness to socialize and celebrate, I urge each of you to remain vigilant and mindful of the health and safety practices that have kept most of us healthy. Here’s the update:

  • COVID-19 cases: So far, for the month of April, the College has conducted 846 tests on campus, yielding two positive results. Additionally, one new off-campus positive result was reported over the weekend, bringing the off-campus total cases for April to two.
  • Effluent testing results: Residence hall effluent testing results for last week showed negative (non-detect) results across all testing locations and samples. Effluent testing is now suspended for the summer while we assess the program.

Vaccination: As you saw last week, the college will be requiring proof of COVID vaccination for students entering or returning this fall. For all the specifics and a useful FAQ, visit the vaccination policy page.

To close, I want to reiterate some of a message I shared last week with the Student Life staff, after a jury in Minneapolis rendered guilty verdicts for the murder of George Floyd.

I am not sure how our students—especially our students of color—are processing this outcome and these events. Their time on earth has been much shorter than many of us who have decades of disappointment, fear, frustration and anger about the injustices that black and brown people have suffered. I hope, if you are able, that you are offering a shoulder of support or an ear to listen to any of our students who may be impacted by this and the continued realities of what it means to be a black or brown person in America. In many ways, nothing has changed in that regard. Regardless of your race or ethnicity, all of us can play a role in helping to support and be there for our students and assisting them in making meaning of all that is happening around them. They need to know that we know and care about the challenges they face, as well as the challenges our staff and faculty of color face as well. Don’t be afraid to tell them you see them, you care, and you are there for them. It helps.

Grateful to be your VPSL and Dean of Students, LC.

As always, WeB4Me@LC. 

Robin H. Holmes-Sullivan
Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students

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