Dear Lewis & Clark Students:

Wellness staff are looking forward to welcoming you to campus! Please be sure to read this entire message for a few new updates. 

Thanks to all of you who have already uploaded your proof of COVID vaccination, or been in touch to request an exemption. As you prepare to come to campus, remember:

  1. Symptoms of the COVID-19 Delta variant in vaccinated individuals can be very mild, and mirror the common cold. Yet individuals with breakthrough infections can still transmit the virus. For these reasons, students with any symptoms of COVID or recent exposure to COVID may not move onto campus until they have been medically evaluated and cleared. Students who are having any COVID symptoms before departing for Portland should seek consultation from a medical provider before departing for Portland, and obtain written documentation that they are not infectious with COVID.
  2. All students must complete this COVID educational module before arriving on campus, and sign the associated pledge, attesting to their commitment to upholding our public health expectations. Residential students who have not completed this step will not be permitted to move into the residence halls. Failure to complete this step will cause you to experience delays at check-in until it is completed.
  3. On the day of move-in (and not before), residential students must complete the COVID Self-Check and Reporting Form (SCARF), available through the Health Information Portal. You will likely need your “lc21-” or similar e-mail address to sign into the Portal, so be sure to know that address. Students should complete the SCARF before departing for campus. Any student who has COVID symptoms on move-in day should not come to campus. Students with symptoms must seek out medical consultation and will be required to submit documentation of medical clearance (e.g,.health care provider’s letter, or negative molecular test result) in order to move in. Medical consultation for symptomatic students will be offered via our Health Service during business hours, August 23 through August 29, and Health Service staff may refer students for on- or off-campus testing. At other times, students may choose to seek medical consultation at an off-campus resource for COVID consultation and testing. If, on move-in day, you’ve had recent exposure to someone with COVID, please connect with check-in staff to obtain a consultation from Wellness staff.

As we don’t know exactly what this year holds, we advise all students to bring a hardcopy of their vaccination record with them this year, as well as to take a picture of their vaccine record and keep it on their phone. Having this physical record may be especially helpful related to potential booster vaccine administration.

We know all of this can be a bit confusing. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if we can be of help!

Best wishes,


John Hancock, Ed.D., Associate Dean of Students for Health & Wellness


You have received this email because of your affiliation with Lewis & Clark. If you have received this email in error, please let us know.
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