If you are eligible for a booster dose and wish to get one at our on-campus booster dose clinics in January, please sign up as soon as possible. Our first clinic opens at 8 a.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, January 11!  


To reserve your spot, visit this link, read the instructions, and sign-up for a time slot. Booster dose clinics are also scheduled for January 14, 18, and 20. You may come to campus for a booster dose even if you have not yet been tested on-campus.


A quick note on eligibility: the CDC now recommends a booster dose after five months—instead of six months—for anyone who has received the Pfizer vaccine. The CDC continues to recommend a booster dose after six months for those who received the Moderna vaccine, and after two months for those who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  


Tomorrow’s clinic will offer the Moderna booster. It is OK to get a booster dose that was not the same as your original dose. 


Booster dose clinics are designed for students, faculty, staff, and contracted workers. However, at 6:30 a.m. on the morning of each booster dose clinic, we will post an announcement to this webpage as to whether we have open slots on that day to accommodate family members of community members.  

For general questions about our booster requirement, see our Booster Dose FAQ.  If you have other Covid-related questions, contact covid19info@lclark.edu.



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