Dear Students:

As you may have heard, we have recently had some sizzling hot weather in Portland! Wherever you are, I hope you are staying cool and finding ways to enjoy the summer. I write today with important updates about the College’s fall COVID-related planning.

Having a campus population that is fully vaccinated will be a key to our success this academic year. Given the widespread availability of vaccine across the United States, the College has moved the deadline for compliance with vaccination requirements from October 15 to September 15.

  • Students with access to vaccine this summer are expected to arrive to campus fully vaccinated (defined as it having been two weeks since the last dose in any series of injections) with a vaccine listed by the World Health Organization. As it can take five to six weeks to become fully vaccinated with two-dose vaccines, the time is now to get your first dose.
  • Students who do not have access to vaccine this summer should email as soon as possible, so that Wellness staff can work out a plan to get you vaccinated soon after you return to campus in Portland.
  • Students who wish to file for a medical or non-medical exemption from vaccination are expected to file for their exemption by August 1.

Students participating in overseas programs, New Student Trips, Great Expectations, and the Xplore program are subject to earlier deadlines for submitting either proof of vaccination or exemption-- see information from your program leaders for those deadlines.

Students who have:

  • Neither submitted proof of an appropriate COVID-19 vaccination, nor been approved for a COVID-19 vaccine exemption by September 15; and
  • Who are not verified as working with the Health Service toward becoming fully vaccinated by September 15 must e-mail and petition for an extension. Otherwise, these students will not be able to attend classes after September 15th.

In addition, residential students must meet one of the following criteria in order to be allowed to move in to the residence halls in August:

  • Be fully vaccinated, with documentation uploaded into the Health Information Portal, or
  • Have a vaccination exemption request approved by Wellness staff; or
  • For students without access to vaccine this summer, be actively working with Wellness staff to become vaccinated.

Upload Documentation Now, and Win!

We expect a very high percentage of our student population will be vaccinated this fall. How high? We can’t tell you, because many students have not yet documented their immunization in the Health Information Portal. If you have been fully vaccinated, I want you to take a few minutes in the next 24 hours to document your immunization. It’s a two-step process--be sure to complete both steps. If you intend to apply for an exemption, I ask that you do so as soon as possible (and not later than August 1).

Why am I asking you to do this now? After all, fall semester is over a month away! I ask because knowing our community vaccination rates will allow College staff to better prepare for fall. Also, your fellow students want to know the vaccination rate! So please document your proof of vaccination soon. All students who have either 1) documented their proof of vaccination or 2) applied for an exemption by July 18 will be entered into a drawing to receive one of five $50 gift cards good for either Grubhub or Visa!

Will there be any COVID-related expectations of students this fall?

COVID transmission rates in Oregon have gone down dramatically since early May. Still, with the ongoing circulation of variants, we are going to be vigilant again this year about the disease entering our community. Also, while many COVID restrictions from last academic year will be lifted for the coming year (like students being able to visit other residence halls or travel off campus for non-essential trips), some COVID expectations will still be in place (such as the College wanting students to self-isolate if they have COVID symptoms). We are currently using the latest COVID information (including data about our campus vaccination rates) to solidify our planning for the fall. More information about what to expect this fall will be communicated to you in the coming weeks, when the College launches its webpage related to COVID-related resources.

For now, I want you to be aware of this particular fall expectation: All unvaccinated students (including those with approved exemptions) must be tested with a molecular (e.g,. PCR) COVID test within the 72-hour window before arriving on campus and upload these results to the Health Information Portal before coming to campus. Travelers arriving from international destinations may upload their pre-flight COVID results into the Health Information Portal as a way of meeting this requirement. If an unvaccinated student has been diagnosed with COVID in the 90 days before arriving on campus, they should e-mail to be excused from this entry testing requirement. Depending on numbers, unvaccinated students may be subject to additional testing requirements this fall.

Words cannot express my excitement as I anticipate welcoming you all to campus this fall. It’s going to be a great year! If you have any COVID-related questions, I hope you will email the College at

Best wishes,

Robin H. Holmes-Sullivan

Vice President for Student Life, Dean of Students

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